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How to Create, Schedule and send out a Campaign

1. Log onto with your username and password provided

2. Click on the "Campaigns" link from the top menu

3. Click on "Create a new campaign"

4. Enter the name for the campaign

5. Schedule the campaign as needed by clicking on the "Schedule" dropdown menu

6. Click on the "Recipients" mailing list to select the required list(s) for the campaign (hold CTRL while clicking to select multiple mailing lists at the same time)

7. Click on "Save sending settings and proceed to email settings" button on the bottom of the page

8. Click on "Create a new email" to use for the outgoing campaigns

9. Enter the NAME to use:

Once done, click on "SAVE".

10. Now to create the Content for the outgoing email message at the same time, simply click on CONTENT link on the right

11. Enter SUBJECT for the email message you would like to send

12. Use the Content box to design/format the email message as needed

13. Click on the image icon (tree symbol) to add images to the message

14. Now click on the small icon on the right of the Image URL field

15. Click on BROWSE button to upload the image from your computer to the server

16. Click Upload

17. Once the image has been uploaded, click on the filename --it will now show you the uploaded image within a PREVIEW window

18. Simply click INSERT button to insert the image into your message

19. You can resize the content window by clicking on the right-bottom drag-able edges to give you more room to work on the content

20. When done, simply click on SAVE once again

21. To Preview the message that you have just composed, click on the "Preview" link to the right

22. Here you can enter your email address to send the Preview email to, or can simply click on the Browser Preview link to see how it looks

23. Once all done, click on "Save and Close" link from the main menu.

24. Now click on "Save email settings and go to campaign statistics" button

25. This is where you will see Live Tracking if the campaign was scheduled to be sent out immediately --otherwise our system will send out the campaign as scheduled and you will be able to see the results once the campaign has been sent out

26. To come back to "Statistics" page at any time, simply click on "Browse Campaigns" from the CAMPAIGNS drop down menu --and click on the campaign name, and then "Statistics"

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